Giving Blood (full story)

“Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood.”

—Zora Neale Hurston

Halfway to my car, I feel my neck go slack. The asphalt rises up to greet me with a hard smack. When I come to, I’m in Neil’s arms.

“Sophie? Are you all right?” he asks. He slaps my face gently; his big hand is warm on my cold skin. We are still in the parking lot. He is cradling my head in his lap.

“I think so,” I say. I reach up to touch the tender scrape on my forehead. “Ouch.”

“Jesus. Let’s get you cleaned up,” he says. He picks me up and carries me back inside as though I weigh nothing at all.

His secretary gets me some orange juice from the vending machine. Neil wipes my forehead with a wet towel and lets me rest on the couch in his office. When I wake up, he’s sitting at his desk. We’re alone.

He comes over to me. I feel bleary and anxious. I’ve been a legal intern for five months, and Neil is my boss; at 28, he’s the youngest lawyer at the firm. Tall and fit, he played soccer in college and still runs two marathons a year. Every woman in the office is at least halfway in love with him. Some, like me, are goners.

Up close, his irises are light green ringed with blue. “How are you?” he asks softly.

“Okay, I think,” I say. I take a drink from the glass he offers me.

“You took a nasty fall,” he says. “You scared me.”

“I’ve never given blood before. I guess I wasn’t ready for it.” It’s dark outside; the blood mobile is long gone. “You didn’t have to stay,” I say.

“I didn’t want you to wake up alone,” he says.

I’ve never fainted before; my senses are heightened and raw. When he takes the glass from me, our fingers touch and the contact feels like thousand caresses. I gasp; my nipples harden inexplicably.

His eyes latch onto mine.

I don’t think.

Drunk on blood loss, I lean forward and kiss him, knowing this might be my only chance. To my surprise, he doesn’t flinch. I hear him spill the water on the carpet and drop the glass. I wait for him to push me away; I quickly try to come up with the things I’ll say to excuse my behavior: I’m confused, I feel so dizzy, I’m sorry, I’m so embarrassed.

But Neil grips my shoulders and slides his tongue into my mouth. I stop breathing for a moment. My heart is pumping hard in my chest. I wrap my arms around his rigid torso as he deepens our kiss; I feel my nerve endings sizzle in response. After a long while, he breaks the kiss and opens his eyes.

“I’ve wanted to do that for months,” he whispers against my lips.

He pulls me onto the floor and I straddle him, our mouths locked tight again. We yank at each other’s clothes the way people do in the movies, but we’re so bad at it that my skirt is hiked up around my waist and his pants are down only to his knees by the time he’s prodding his cock against me. I can feel him, hot and hard and ready. The lips of my pussy are already dripping. He drags his glans up and down over my slick flesh, ass to clit and back again. He groans deep in his throat.

He grabs my wrists and pins them to the carpet. He kisses my neck until I’m so wet that my pussy literally sucks at him, longing for what he has given me hundreds of times in my fantasies.

But this is real.

So I whisper in his ear, “I’m a virgin.”

He freezes. “What?”

I grip his arms. “I want you to be my first. Right now.”

“Are you serious?” He frowns. “Are you sure, Sophie?”

I reach behind him and grab his rock-hard asscheeks. I pull him closer and the head of his cock slips inside me. My body stretches to accommodate it. “I want it,” I say. “I want you.”

“It’ll hurt,” he says softly. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

I lick my lips. “I know,” I say. “Do it. Please.”

His eyes darken. He lets go of me. He leans on one arm and reaches down to grip his shaft with his other hand. He positions himself and then grabs onto the armrest of the couch.

“Are you ready?” he asks. He’s breathless.

I nod.

He drops his hips and slides forward in one slow, relentless thrust. I shut my eyes tight and feel him rip through my body. The pain is excruciating. Neil’s cock is enormous, and now it’s lodged high and deep inside me. His cool, heavy balls rest on my ass. I feel my body fighting him, trying to push him out.

Tears well in my eyes. Neil’s face looks haunted by regret. He looks like he’s about to pull out when I squeeze his ass again and shake my head.

“No,” I say. “Don’t stop.”

He flexes his jaw. His eyes are bright with lust. “You are so tight,” he whispers.

“Please,” I say.

He thrusts back and forth a few millimeters, then reaches down and swipes his finger over my stretched pussy lips. I smell traces of my own blood on the air, metallic and sweet. He caresses my aching clit with his lubed fingertip, and I moan.

“Like that?” he asks.

I can’t even nod. He thrusts deeper into me, digging against the walls of my pussy and making more room for himself inside me. The pain begins to give way to something else as he draws circles on my wet clit with the barest pressure of his fingertip. He kisses my neck for a long time, then returns to feast on my mouth, his hot tongue licking deep inside my mouth the way his cock licks the inside of my aching cunt.

He picks me up and puts me on the sofa. He pushes my knees further apart and he begins to fuck me, his cock sliding out of me five, then six, then seven inches at a time and plunging back in with a satisfying smack. All the while he doesn’t stop fingering me, and I feel the sharp pain growing duller with each passing minute. I suck at his neck and scratch at his muscular back. I look down at the place where our bodies are joined together, and I see for the first time the beauty and mechanics of fucking. There’s blood on the insides of my thighs and the sight of it turns me on almost as much as the sight of his well-built body.

I hook my hands onto the back of his neck and he begins to pound at me. He puts his hands on the backs of my thighs and pushes my knees up almost to my ears.

I am on fire. He plucks at my naked clit with his thumb, vibrating his whole hand so that my nerve endings go haywire. I feel a tremor in the pit of my stomach and the heat from the friction of his cock suddenly triggers a brutal orgasm. I grab onto him and scream, my eyes enormous with disbelief that he has given me this, this shattering pleasure. My climax goes on and on, and I feel my pussy milking his cock in long, rhythmic pulls of pure sensation. He closes his eyes and breathes hard, holding back his own orgasm. There’s a thin sheen of perspiration on his chest. I run my hands over him, my fingers trailing through his sweat.

When it’s over, I lie panting and still. His cock is still buried inside me. My pussy twitches out the last shudders of my climax and with each squeeze I see the pulse in Neil’s neck quicken.

He pulls out of me without warning, then yanks me upright so hard that his erect cock bobs up and down. He’s shiny with my juices. He unzips my skirt and tosses it to the ground, then rips off my blouse and unhooks my bra.

“How old are you, Sophie?” he growls, taking off the rest of his clothes.


“You’re hot as hell. Why did you wait?” He stands in front of me, stark naked, eyes bright with lust. He’s so close to the edge, his cock is purple and throbbing with blood.

I tell him the truth. “I wanted my first time to be with someone who knew what he was doing.”

He smirks. Without another word, he grabs me and bends me over the armrest of the sofa. He gives me one firm smack on one ass cheek, then on the other.

“What was that for?” I whimper. My pussy clenches in hopes that he’ll do it again.

“For being so fucking sexy,” he says. “For driving me crazy for five months, thinking I could never have you.”

“I’ve wanted you ever since I started here,” I say, looking back at him.

He spanks me again. Then he lowers his face to my pussy and laps at me slowly with his hot tongue. The tip of his nose grazes my asshole. I freeze, overcome with pleasure and shame. He sucks the fresh liquid out of me then releases me with a loud, wet kiss. “Looks like you like being spanked,” he says.

“I didn’t know that I’d…like it,” I stammer.

“In my fantasies, you liked it,” he says. “Guess I was right.” He stands up and grabs me, then tips my hips backward so that my ass is in the air and my pussy is open to him. He feeds his cock into me once more, and this time, I feel no pain, only deep, satisfying pleasure that seems to reverberate in the marrow of my bones.

He massages my tender ass cheeks in his big hands and gives each one a hard squeeze. I am all sensation, all pleasure, all lust. He spanks me again, one fierce slap for each cheek that leaves my skin tingling. He begins to fuck me relentlessly, his cock slamming into me and changing my body forever. Then he reaches forward and begins to rub my clit again, this time with a rough touch, and the pain of it melts into a new kind of pleasure, sharp and raw.

“I’m going to come,” he gasps.

He gives me seven or eight more fierce thrusts, making my tits bounce and my pussy clench. Then he jams himself deep. He roars. I feel his cock pulsating within me; he digs his fingers into my ass cheeks as the come shoots out of him in long, agonizing spurts.

“Fuck,” he whispers. “So. Fucking. Good.”

I look down at his thighs pressed against mine and when I feel his hot come running down my legs, my body takes over. His office smells like blood, sweat, and come, clean and sweet-smelling, like fresh-cut grass. My pussy begins to seize up around him, and before I know what’s happening, I begin to convulse wetly around his still-hard shaft.

Neil gasps in surprise. “What the hell?” he says. “Are you coming again?”

I am. I reach down and rub my clit the way he showed me, and the climax intensifies. I close my eyes and clench my teeth, sucking air in shallow gasps. This orgasm is a longer, sweeter ride than my first and when I’m finished, Neil leans over and kisses the back of my neck.

“You were made for this,” he whispers.

We stay in his office until long past midnight. We say our goodbyes and I drive home in the dead of night. In the shower, I scrub the blood from my thighs and remove the bandage on my arm. I look at the needle mark where the phlebotomist drew blood. It’s tiny. In a few days it will fade away.

I begin to touch myself. I think about Neil. He has left my pussy tender and raw, but pain intensifies pleasure and I shove two fingers into myself, trying to impersonate his cock. My legs are shaking. I pound my pussy hard with one hand and press my clit with the other, tormenting and soothing myself at the same time.

When I finally come again, I can hear the blood roaring in my ears.

Copyright ©2013 by Mia Hopkins

All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without written permission from the author.

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