Yellow Fever

When he embraced me at last, he was warm and sinewy. The hair on his chest was soft. I felt his naked body before I could see it. His skin smelled like leather and something strange and familiar at the same time—unlit matches. Unlit cigarettes. (18+ readers only)

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Saints and Sinners

He doesn’t just kiss her. He devours her. He covers her mouth with his, then sucks with abandon at her tiny lower lip before taking it gently between his teeth. She moans in appreciation. He kisses her again and again, pushing the tip of his tongue through her lips and into her sweet, warm mouth. Her own tongue finds his and sweeps against it, once, making his cock jerk against her like a compass finally finding north. (18+ readers only)

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Giving Blood

But Neil grips my shoulders and slides his tongue into my mouth. I stop breathing for a moment. My heart is pumping hard in my chest. I wrap my arms around his rigid torso as he deepens our kiss; I feel my nerve endings sizzle in response. After a long while, he breaks the kiss and opens his eyes. “I’ve wanted to do that for months,” he whispers against my lips. (18+ readers only)

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