My First T.V. Interview

June 1, 2016

LA18, an Asian-language T.V. station, tapes right here in Los Angeles. This week, I appeared on Halo Halo, a program that showcases Asian-American arts, entertainment, and culture.

During my 7-minute chat with Halo Halo's lovely host Kat Iniba, I talk about my transition to becoming a full-time romance writer. I also talk about Cowboy Player, my new release out June 28. You can watch the video below.

By the way, I wasn't nervous.* I wasn't nervous at all.**

* I was extremely nervous.
** I'm surprised I didn't faint like a baby goat as soon as they started taping.

Halo-halo, pronounced "hollow hollow," is a dessert from the Philippines composed of candied fruits, beans, shaved ice, milk, and ice cream. Halo-halo translates to "mix-mix," which is what you're supposed to do before you eat it.

Halo-halo. Photo from Wikipedia.

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