Cowboy Player #TeaserTuesday

May 11, 2016

Happy belated #TeaserTuesday!

Today I've got an excerpt for you from COWBOY PLAYER, book #3 in my Cowboy Cocktail series. It starts Clark MacKinnon, prankster and legendary flirt, and his childhood bestie, Melody Santos.

It's out June 28, 2016, but it's available for pre-order now. Here are the links.




This cowboy and cowgirl sell the steak and the sizzle.

For eight years, Melody Santos played the game of love and lost—big time. Now she’s back in her tiny hometown looking after her younger sister, making ends meet with an assortment of odd jobs. When her childhood best friend hires her to help him sell his family’s grass-fed beef, the last thing she anticipates is falling in lust with the legendary, brown-eyed player.

To put his family’s cattle ranch back in the black, Clark MacKinnon has his sights set on big contracts—gourmet chefs and restaurateurs. If that means long hours traveling from farmer’s market to farmer’s market, Clark doesn’t mind. Particularly since his new assistant is his childhood crush, all grown up and sexy as hell.

One night in bed leaves them breathless and hungry for more. But when his love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation collides with her trust issues, Clark and Melody must face the truth about what they’ve become: not friends, not lovers, but players in a game that’s impossible to win.

 Warning: Contains filthy banter, raunchy sex, excessive Johnny Cash references, and hundreds of pounds of raw beef.


© 2016 by Mia Hopkins
They danced until the song ended on a ribbon of steel guitar. Clark leaned down and pressed his lips to her temple.
Melody gasped.
Instead of pulling away, he traced a slow, agonizing trail of kisses along her hairline until he was kissing her neck just behind her ear.
Pleasure overloaded her nervous system, but her brain wouldn’t let her enjoy it. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.”

“Oh God.” She gripped his rigid arms. Complicated feelings cascaded through her so quickly, she couldn’t identify one from the other.

Still holding her, he looked into her eyes. “Don’t be scared,” he whispered. “Look at me.”

For the first time in twenty-eight years, she realized Clark’s eyes were brown. No—not brown. Swirled mahogany and gold, like bird’s-eye maple, with irises rimmed in dark chocolate. Her body ached under his warm gaze, ravenous for what he offered her but terrified of what they’d lose if she took it.

“We’re friends,” she said. “I don’t want to throw that away.”

“Nothing will change that.” He searched her face. “Do you think I’d hurt you?”

“Not intentionally.” Loneliness welled up inside her. Her heart was a broken bucket at the bottom of a deep well. “And I know what it’s like when you think you know someone, and then you discover…” She trailed off.

“But you know me,” he said. “I’m not hiding anything. You know me better than anyone, right?”

She nodded.

He was quiet for a moment. “One night’s not forever, Mel.” The expression on his face was unreadable. “We’re adults.”

“Yeah, but—”

“Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me no.”

She closed her eyes. Could she? Should she? Lust flooded her bloodstream. “What if…I don’t want to tell you no?” she whispered.

He pressed his body against hers. At once she felt his desire for her, hard and real and burning against her belly.

“Then tell me yes,” he murmured.

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