The Naughtiest Thing I've Written (So Far)

February 16, 2016

Happy Tuesday, sexies!

My latest release, the erotic romance Cowboy Resurrection, launches from Samhain Publishing on March 15. It's about a marketing whiz named Monica Kaur who comes back to her rural hometown to run a rodeo. Her intention is to bring enough business to town to bail out her brother's failing motel.

To meet her goals, Monica enlists the help of a local rancher's son and legendary playboy named Dean MacKinnon. For important reasons, Dean is helping his family out at home, but he'd much rather be on the road working. Dean happens to be a professional bullfighter.

[Side note: bullfighters used to be called rodeo clowns. Their job is to get between a bucking bull and a rider who's been thrown off. They protect the cowboys by distracting the bull. It's an insane job and the men who do it are heroic as hell if not also a little cracked. Here's a video of bullfighter Jesse Byrne doing his thing.]

Monica is stubborn, smart, and single-minded. Trouble is, Dean has the personality and charisma to meet her toe-to-toe without getting plowed over. They challenge each other and dispel each other's flawed self-perceptions. When it's time for both of them to show their cards, they find a way to meet half way while remaining true to who they are inside. I'm pretty biased, but this couple is sweet, smart, and raunchy as hell.

But hey.

Want to know a secret?

I wrote a prequel to Cowboy Resurrection. Last year. It's a short story called Cowboy Overload and it stars Dean. And a woman named Andie. And, um...a dude named Decker.

It's the naughtiest thing I've written (so far).

Here's the blurb on Amazon. Click here for more.


Warning: Contains sexually explicit material. Not for readers under 18.

The daughter of a ranch foreman with a violent temper, Andie Rich hungers for glitz, glamour, and a life of her own. One night, she sneaks out and runs into her former classmate, professional bull rider Decker Daniels. Taking a short break from the circuit, he’s in town with his good buddy, bullfighter Dean MacKinnon. Dean and Decker have big plans for the passionate homegrown hottie. But does Andie have the guts to take on two cocky cowboys at once?

This mfm erotic ménage romance brings the heat with light bondage, a whole saddlebag full of toys, and three sensual lovers who redefine the term "wild west."


It's hinted in Cowboy Resurrection that Dean has a very active sex life prior to falling in love with Monica. As an unencumbered cowboy living on the road and surrounded by buckle bunnies, Dean is no stranger to wild nights. Cowboy Overload takes place a few months before he meets Monica, on the first night he arrives home.

[Another side note. Coincidentally, Dean arrives in town the same night Caleb meets Cora in Cowboy Valentine. Caleb goes to the ice cream parlor because his Valentine's Day date stands him up. Guess who that date is? Bingo! Andie Rich, who ends up being the center of Dean and Decker's cowboy sandwich. It's all connected!]

Cowboy Overload is almost all sex, beginning to end. It is the most gonzo thing I've written (so far).

Olivia Dade, author of My Reckless Valentine, recently included Cowboy Overload in a sexy librarian's top-ten list of kickass smut on Fresh Fiction, an accolade which pleases me to no end.

Two cowboys. Silk rope. Various sex toys. Lots of lube. Oh, yeah. Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah. I’m ready for my harness, cowpokes.

A fun peek into Dean's wild sexual past, Cowboy Overload is a quickie, and it's only .99 on Amazon.

Long live kickass smut!

To order Cowboy Overload, click here. To order Cowboy Valentine, please click here. To preorder Cowboy Resurrection, please click here. To take a look at some teasers for Cowboy Resurrection, please click here and here.


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