Top Five Gifts for the Erotica Reader in Your Life

December 14, 2015

Image from Pulp Covers.
Such a dilemma! What to get the erotica reader in your life?

First off, congratulations on knowing an erotica reader. She (I'm going to go with she for this post) is probably a bookish, lively sort, a sensualist with a wicked imagination who may be mysteriously coy or brazenly forthcoming about her reading habits. Either way, she is most likely a fun person to know and highly deserving of gifts.

Whatever your relationship with her, I hope you find the following list useful. So here top five gifts for an erotica reader.

1. A gorgeous e-reader cover

Remember, she's a sensualist. Choose a cover that feels good to the touch, not too heavy or clunky. This leather one is from an Etsy store called A Little Present and it makes me swoon. There's a steampunk quality to it, but it's discreet enough to read on the subway. Particularly good for readers of historical erotic romance. (Note: Make sure you know which e-reader she has and whether or not she's planning on upgrading soon.)

2. A beautiful reading lamp

For readers, there are few pleasures in life more satisfying than having a comfy place to sit and a good reading lamp. Make sure to take her home decor into account, and choose a lamp that has a very stable base. Including an energy-efficient light bulb is a nice touch. Above are two ideas, a brass task lamp from Restoration Hardware and a vintage Tiffany-style wisteria lamp from Overstock.

3. A luxurious perfumed candle

I dig scented candles. There's nothing like chilling out on a cold evening, wrapped up in a blanket with a good book, relaxing in a room that smells delish. Voluspa makes candles in amazing scents. The candles look great sitting on a coffee table or bedside table. One of my favorite scents of theirs is Makassar ebony and peach. These candles last a long time. They're available at Nordstrom.

4. A sexy calendar

How about some eye candy? Michael Stokes is a beloved photographer in the romance community. His work with wounded veterans is phenomenal. In my opinion, his Bare Strength calendar is the gold standard for sexy calendars. Make sure to check out his coffee table books, too.

5. A thrilling gift card 

Hey, now. What about a gift that gives back? Try Adam and Eve, Good Vibrations, or a local favorite, The Pleasure Chest. Their shop in West Hollywood is all kinds of awesome. For reading material, how about gift cards from erotica retailers All Romance Ebooks or BookStrand? And of course, there's also PornHub gift cards.

There you have it! My top five gifts for erotica readers. Have fun shopping and happy holidays. Play us off, Mariah.


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