Deep Down #TeaserTuesday

November 3, 2015

The countdown continues! In exactly 17 days, my first full-length novel, the erotic romance Deep Down, will be released by The Wild Rose Press in both print and e-book.

To give you another little taste of this book, here's the blurb and a new excerpt. Enjoy!


Book 1 in the Kings of California series

Sex, drugs, and spicy tuna rolls?

Resilient and disciplined, tsunami survivor Eve Ono moves to California from Japan looking for a position as a sushi chef. When she’s suddenly fired from her restaurant job, desperation drives her to find work on a fishing boat despite her fears of the ocean. To make matters worse, she’s stuck in close quarters with her new captain—a man whose raw physicality drives her out of her mind with lust.

Free-spirited and roguish, Sam Lamont is a commercial fisherman aboard his own dive boat, the Bravado. When he makes a bad deal with a deadly loan shark who threatens to take his boat, Sam is in danger of losing both his business and his way of life. On top of that, he’s got to train his new deckhand—a beautiful hard-ass who just so happens to be sexy as hell.

A female sushi chef with mad knife skills. A deep-sea diver who's pissed off a Mexican drug cartel. Together, they're in trouble, and the only way out is down.



© 2015 by Mia Hopkins

Annoyance roiled in Eve’s gut along with all the fear and anxiety she’d pushed deep down inside her. Sam was sexy as hell, but inside he was just another hard-ass like her father. Just another dictator. Well, at least she knew how to act around someone like that.

“Sure thing,” she said softly.

He stared at her for a second, frowning. “That’s it?”

She was genuinely confused. “What do you mean, ‘That’s it’?”

“You’re not going to say anything else?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Make a case or something.”

“Do you want me to?”

Sam shrugged.

“Did your other tender like to argue with you?”

“Kyle? Sure. He had his opinions on things.”

“But…I thought you were cracking a whip. It being my first day, I thought…you wanted me to just…just say, ‘Sure thing.’ Assure you you’re the boss.”

“Wait a second,” he said. “What whip? I just want you to understand. As diver and tender, we have to communicate well. The channels have to be wide open.” He took off the top of his wetsuit and wiped his arms and chest off with a towel.

She concentrated on keeping her gaze above his neck. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“What I mean is, when I give you feedback, just…be cool. Don’t go on the defensive, but don’t shut down either.” His voice was steady and even, not the least bit angry. “You’re smart and you’re quick. I’m aware you can think for yourself. But when I tell you something, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I just want you to know something that’ll help us work together better in the future. Okay?”

When he put it that way, there was nothing to argue about. Her anger untwisted slowly in her chest. “Okay.”

His bare arm brushed hers as he grabbed the line attached to the last urchin bag. Her nerves tingled at the contact.

“And by the way,” he said, lowering his voice as his extraordinary eyes latched onto hers, “You don’t have to assure me of anything. I know I’m the boss.”

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