Blog Tour Highlights and a Couple Horse Jokes

September 8, 2015

 My Cowboy Valentine blog tour has come to a close! A BIG THANK YOU to all of the bloggers and reviewers who participated and spread the word about my debut release all over the Interwebs, Twitter, and Facebook. Thank you kindly also for the reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble. *tips hat*

If you missed my blog tour, you can find a schedule of links here.

And here are some highlights from the tour...

1. From Delilah Devlin's blog, a recipe for Cowboy Valentines, a cookie recipe I made up to celebrate my debut book (because I geek out like that). They're almond butter cookies, in honor of Caleb MacKinnon's family's almond orchard.

Almond butter cookies, a.k.a. Cowboy Valentines

2. From Crystal Blogs Books, this neat review:  
Cowboy Valentine was an scrumptious little treat filled with sizzling chemistry, hot sex, and just enough sweetness to leave me wanting more. After reading two of Mia's works (this novella and her short story in the Cowboy Heat anthology), she is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. Cowboy Valentine was fabulous. I loved that despite the short length of the novella, both Cora and Caleb were well developed....And those sex scenes... Holy hotness, Mia!
3. At My Fictional Escape, the story behind the character Caleb MacKinnon...
The hero of Cowboy Valentine is named Caleb MacKinnon. He’s yummy. I’m biased, but…really, he’s yummy. My two inspirations for Caleb are a young Jamie Dornan and James Dean in the movie East of Eden.
4. At My YA & NA Book Obsession, a candid review of Cowboy Valentine that included this smile-inducing line...
I love this author’s writing style; her prose is beautiful, and I can definitely see myself checking out her future work. I’m wondering if Caleb’s brothers will feature in future books?
 5. At Travels n Reads, this 4/5 suitcase review (cute graphics)!
Cowboy Valentine makes for a quick, sweet and steamy hot read.  From the beginning, the chemistry between Cora and Caleb is hot and stays hot.
 6. From V's Reads, Veronica Rundell gives this sweet review....
You can expect some really erotic scenes and a fast moving plot in this steaming novella. I liked how the end turned out–so proud of Caleb for reaching for his dreams. And it was so cool that Cora inspired them. They are a sexy, sassy couple that was fun to experience.
 7. From Evermore Books, a playlist of the music that inspired Cowboy Valentine. Do you think cowboys listen to Simon and Garfunkel?
 When Caleb visits New York for the first time, I imagine a young guy in a cowboy hat wandering around Times Square, so in awe of the city that he doesn't realize everyone is staring at him. 

 And finally, as promised, a couple of horse jokes. These are very sophisticated. Brace yourself.

Joke #1

Q: What do you call a horse that lives next door?

A: A neigh-bor.

Joke #2

The devout cowboy lost his favorite bible while he was mending fences out on the range. Three weeks later, a horse walked up to him carrying the bible in its mouth. The cowboy couldn't believe his eyes. He took the precious book out of the horse's mouth and raised his eyes heavenward. 

"It's a miracle!" he exclaimed.

"Not really," said the horse. "Your name is written inside the cover."

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