Love Between the Covers, a documentary on romance novels

June 20, 2015

First of all, watch this.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a screening at the L.A. Film Festival for Love Between the Covers, Laurie Kahn's documentary about romance writers and readers. Along with other members of my RWA chapter, Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA), I watched the movie and had a chance to chat with the director.

Romance exists in the popular imagination as a literary whipping boy, trashy novels for lonely sadsacks.  Watching Love Between the Covers, we see that this is far from the truth.  Romance writers and readers create a powerful community, made vital and dynamic through a shared love for story.  

The documentary profiles authors at different points in their careers (I found Beverly Jenkins' and Radclyffe's biographies particularly compelling) as well as clips from interviews with folks involved in the romance industry.  Sarah Wendell, co-founder of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, offered my favorite quote in the whole film.
This is the one place where you will consistently find women's sexuality treated fairly and positively.
Laurie Kahn will be showing Love Between the Covers this weekend at the Provincetown Film Festival and next month at RWA Nationals in New York City. Please see the film's website for more information and a calendar of screenings.

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