Excerpt: COWBOY OVERLOAD, Releases Tomorrow!

January 31, 2015

Howdy, lovers!

Here's a preview of my latest novella, COWBOY OVERLOAD, available on Amazon tomorrow, February 1.  Click here to pre-order!

It's an mfm cowboy menage erotic romance. 

In other words, a scorcher.

*   *   *

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Andie Rich raced across the empty parking lot. A cold wind whipped across the desert and stirred her hair.  Her heart pounding, she pulled her threadbare coat tighter around her body and collapsed against the wall of the shuttered steakhouse. Sunset was hours ago, but the bricks still held a ghost of heat.
Damn. Too late. Breathless, she touched her face, her cheek still sore where her dad had hit her. She’d had to wait three hours until he’d fallen asleep in front of the T.V. before she could sneak past him and out of the house.
Tires hissed on the pitted asphalt. A dusty F150 pulled up right in front of the restaurant and the window rolled down. Inside were the silhouettes of two men wearing cowboy hats. The dome light clicked on and Andie stared in disbelief.
“How’s my wild girl doing?” called the one in the passenger seat.
“Decker?” she asked, still trying to catch her breath.
“In the flesh,” he replied.
She stepped forward and saw that both men wore starched shirts and clean white cowboy hats. The wind gusted again and Andie caught a whiff of leather and Ivory soap.
Her arms still folded around her, she peered into the car. “Hey, Dean,” she said to the driver.
Dean MacKinnon tipped his hat and looked up at her as he lowered the radio. The dome light illuminated his face: heavy jaw, dark beard, pale blue eyes. Before he left Oleander for the bull riding circuit, Dean had been the small town’s reigning king of hearts.
“Hello, Andie. What are you up to tonight?”
“Just trying to be good.”
Decker smirked. “What are you really up to, Andie?”
“None of your business.”
Decker looked her up and down. Wiry and indestructible like a bullrider should be, with high cheekbones and full lips, clean-cut Decker was as handsome as the devil’s own son. His dark green eyes scanned her hair, her makeup, even the pink nail polish on her toes. She was wearing gold high-heel sandals despite the cold weather.
“Come out with us.” He smiled.
She shook her head slowly. “Maybe another time.”
Decker looked around the deserted parking lot. “You got a date or something?”
She cocked her head. “Yes. I do.” She frowned. “I mean, I did.”
“Who with?”
“What?” Decker laughed and turned to Dean. “Did you know Andie’s going out with your baby brother?”
Andie bristled. “I’m not ‘going out’ with him.  This would’ve been our first date, if I’d gotten here on time.”
“Caleb MacKinnon, huh?” Decker grinned.
Andie sighed. “Cut it out, Decker.”
“That kid graduate from high school yet?”
Dean rubbed his beard and tried to hide his own smile. “Leave her alone, Deck. Don’t bully the lady.”
“I never bully Andie.” Decker turned back to her. “Do I bully you, sweetheart?”
“Sometimes.” She looked him in the eye.
He lowered his voice in a half-joking way. “Only when you want me to.”
The line was cheesy, but his deep baritone made her toes curl. She said nothing.
“I’m only in town for one night.” Decker leaned toward her.  “Come out with us. What do you say?”
Andie looked at the two handsome cowboys. “One night?”
Decker nodded. “Leaving tomorrow morning.”
A quiet moment passed. She shook her head. “I don’t know why I listen to you.”
Decker beamed as he got out of the truck and opened the door for her. “Because I’m fun, sweetheart.”
Andie climbed in between them and Decker banged the door shut.

 *   *   *

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