Reviews for Cowboy Cocktail! *trembles with pleasure*

April 8, 2014

Besides the reviews we've gotten for Cleis Press' new anthology Cowboy Heat, I am pleased to share a couple reviews of my latest short story.  These reviews dropped like manna from the sky, and while they're really positive, I know that a bad one is lurking around the corner coming to get me.  Eventually.  When I least expect it.  Pow.  Ass over teakettle.

Rather than worry about that imminent event, I'll just celebrate this moment and share what these reviewers had to say about Cowboy Cocktail.  Cheers!

Oh, and here's that cover again.  I never tire of it.

And now the reviews. *drumroll*

Leone at Strange Candy Reviews writes...

This story is a tantalising slow seduction of the senses to the point where you will see and hear everything, feel every emotion and smell every scent as if you are in the same rooms as any of the characters. Yes, you will feel as if you are a voyeur to everything…Your breath will hitch in anticipation of what's to happen, your cheeks will flush with excitement as you read about the tension building between the two main characters and then you'll either reach for the chocolates or a cigarette just before a certain scene drifts away into satisfied slumber.

Beverly at The Romance Studio writes...

Right away, you could tell the author had a blast writing this very entertaining short. The well-chosen words practically jump off the page and grab your attention. It has a nice and easy flow that makes a pleasurable read. The chemistry between Wanda and Tom is off the charts hot. The characterization is pretty strong given the number of pages. There’s not much of a back story here besides what we already know from the author’s blurb. I would say it’s mostly centered on these two scratching a itch, yet you know it’s much deeper than that. However, engaging it still felt a bit like an appetizer before the main course. I hope the author has plans for a follow-up.
Oh, Beverly!  I do have big plans for a follow-up.  Cowboy romance is so much fun to write.  I'm working on three more for this series...including a cowboy menage.  With a rodeo rider and a bullfighter.  For reals.  The keyboard was smokin'.  I had to go to confession afterwards.

Thanks for the reviews!  If any of you have some time to write me one on Amazon or your websites, I would be so happy to send you a file of Cowboy Cocktail.  Email me or catch me on FB.  I'm serious.

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