Blatant Objectification: Leo Rico

April 18, 2014

Romance novels rest on the well-muscled bedrock of hot protagonists.  In light of this, I would like to provide you with some fresh sources of inspiration, whether you are a romance writer, a romance reader or, like me, both--as well as a blatant objectifier of men.

Fourth in a series, following Stuart Reardon, Xabi Alonso, and Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, is Leo Rico, a male model and real-life firefighter from Spain.  Yes.  That's right, everyone.  He is a bombero.

Prepare yourselves.

Image from
What is it about firefighters?  They're real-life heroes, warriors whose job is to preserve life and property rather than to destroy it.  Ah, but let me not get too poetic here.  The photos should speak for themselves.

Feeling hot yet? Image from miblogdemodachic.
He's got this Jonathan Rhys Meyers smolder going on, but I think that's from the eyes.  He's less ethereal and a lot less pretty than Meyers.

Less pretty, more...sigh. Image from
Jeans and a smile. Image from
Here's a photo of him wearing a shirt, just for variety's sake.

Those forearms!  Image from

He likes soccer, triathalons, rock climbing, and exercising al aire libre.  Look at this man. *slams head on table*

Bringing "Blue Steel" to the mountains.  Again, look at those lethal forearms. Image from
It's too much. *faints* Image from miblogdemodachic.
The man is a walking romance novel. Image from
He'll get your kitten out of that tree. Image from miblogdemodachic.
Leo Rico has appeared on the cover of Men's Health in Spain.  Here's his cover. 

Glad to know that "Six Pack" is the same in English and Spanish. Image from

Here's the video they shot to promote the cover.  You might want to get your cigarettes ready for afterwards.

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