COWBOY COCKTAIL Seeks Sexy Reviewers

February 13, 2014

Today is release day for my new erotic story COWBOY COCKTAIL.  I had so much fun writing Wanda and Tom, and I'd love to introduce them to you.  You can find a preview of COWBOY COCKTAIL right here on my blog.

I'm psyched to give away a dozen free copies 'cuz I just saw Wolf of Wall Street and this is my version of taking a bunch of quaaludes and crashing a very expensive sports car.  (I know.  Wild.)

So, yeah.  Free copies!  Just for you!

Email me at mia.hopkins.writes [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a howdy comment below. Then I will email you a free Kindle promo code.  All I ask is that you drop me a short review on le Amazon.

Thanks, lovers.

P.S. Here's an excerpt.

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