Free Erotic Short: Giving Blood

December 8, 2013

Poor Persephone.
One of the many reasons I like writing erotic romance is that it requires a little free-diving into the subconscious.  My characters feel overwhelmed by rejection, longing, desire, passion, and obsession.  When overcome by sexual urges, my characters break rules, ignore logic, and pursue taboos.

Archetypal analysis requires readers to examine symbols and patterns (archetypes) that suggest recurrent themes.  Looking over my catalog of female protagonists, I see a recurrence of one particular archetype: Persephone.  I have a mild obsession with Persephone.  

Rossetti's Proserpine
My Persephone characters don't just pursue taboos, they exist as taboos: wide-eyed virgins, they are receptive "good girls" who want to make both their mothers and their lovers happy.  But unlike the mythical Persephone, the goddess of springtime who was abducted by Hades and held in the underworld against her will, my Persephones actively pursue sex out of curiosity, choosing to go to forbidden places in an effort to escape their own inexperience.

Click here for the complete story.

One of my favorite Persephone-type characters is 20-year-old Sophie.  She's a legal intern who donates blood and passes out at work.  Enter chivalrous Neil, her boss and crush, who harbors some forbidden longing of his own.  Neil may be the one who saves her, but Sophie is the instigator of their affair, and she roars into sexual consciousness embracing both pleasure and pain.
His office smells like blood, sweat, and come, clean and sweet-smelling, like fresh-cut grass. 
I'm including the complete short story "Giving Blood" right here on my blog.  I hope that before you go back to wrapping those Christmas presents, you treat yourself to a quick, dirty read. 

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