Blatant Objectification: Xabi Alonso

October 22, 2013

Romance novels rest on the well-muscled bedrock of hot protagonists.  In light of this, I would like to provide you with some fresh sources of inspiration, whether you are a romance writer, a romance reader or, like me, both--as well as a blatant objectifier of men.

Second in a series, following the exquisite Stuart Reardon, is soccer player Xabi (SHA-bee) Alonso, midfielder for Real Madrid.  Basque (har, har) in his painfully handsome glow for a second.

Are you imagining him with the glasses on? Image from

Que guapo.  Image from
In motion.  Image from

Look at that glorious beard.  Image from
I think he looks like a cross between Guy Pearce and Matt Damon, only better because he's got a ginger beard.

Here are a bunch of heart-stopping photos from his shoot with DTLux magazine.

Cheekbones, chin, prominent male brow. They grow 'em nice in San Sebastian.
Doing an impression of Christian Grey.

We've had 58 new sign-ups for Chess Club since Xabi joined.

Bow tied up.

Admit it.  You want to touch his pants.

Did I mention he's a soccer player?

A rakish grin.  Image from

Look at those quads.  Image from
Hops.  Image from
Look at this one.  What would you do if this guy was ahead of you in line at Trader Joes?  I'd probably knock over the Joe-Joe display and then run away in shame. 

Arghirghirgh.  Image from

Mr. Alonso is a bit more modest than Mr. Reardon, so finding shirtless photos of him is not easy.  Here is one.

Chest hair.  Excellent.
Some brilliant soul put up the tumblr Hola Querida, a whole collection of Xabi Alonso memes.  I leave you with a sample of these little treasures.  (BTW, Xabi Alonso speaks fabulous English.  These are exaggerated for artistic effect.)

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