20 Epic Manly Movies to Get Your Lady Juices Flowing

February 27, 2013

Without giving away too many details about my personal life, I live and work in a world of women. I feel like I understand (most) women, and I have a lot of female friends.

That said, women also drive me nuts. And sometimes at the end of the day, I need a dose of testosterone to clear my head. Sometimes that comes in the form of rye whiskey. Sometimes in the form of a parking lot fistfight. But most of the time, it comes in the form of a manly epic movie.

Good God, I love these kinds of movies. I'm not talking about just manly movies, which tend to be things like Commando and Die Hard. I'm talking about EPIC manly movies wherein handsome male actors have to
  1. don historical costumes, 
  2. swing swords or bayonets or pistols around, and
  3. ride horses or other historical conveyances straight into the heart of danger. 
I eat this stuff up.

I've compiled a list of epic manly movies for your perusal. I love the following epic manly movies because I love handsome men, I love being privy to various manly codes, and I love to see the good guys win. These are some of my favorites.

1. Gladiator (because Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix)

2. Troy (because Eric Bana and Brad Pitt)

3. Rob Roy (Because of the best sword fight scene of all time.  Braveheart would be on this list but Mel Gibson still freaks me out a little bit.)

4. Mongol (because Tadanobu Asano is one hot tamale)

5. Red Cliff (because TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS)

6. The Seven Samurai (because Mifune)


8. The Last Samurai (not because of Tom Cruise but because of Ken Watanabe)

9. Spartacus (because I AM SPARTACUS...and because season 1 of T.V. Spartacus starring Andy Whitfield will make more sense)

10. The Last of the Mohicans (because I WILL FIND YOU)

11. Saving Private Ryan (because sometimes it's good to cry)

12. Centurion (because FASSBENDER)

13. The Great Escape (simply because I love this movie and Steve McQueen is so cool)

14. Master & Commander (because I love the bromance between Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany)

15. The Magnificent Seven (because you've seen Seven Samurai and this is a classic)

16. Ip Man (because he was Bruce Lee's teacher and this movie kicks enormous ass)

17. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (because too much handsome!)

18. Dances With Wolves (because TATANKA and the president from Battlestar Galactica is Stands With a Fist)

19. Glory (because Ferris Bueller)

20. Tombstone (because I'm your huckleberry)

You have my word that these movies will not only get your lady juices flowing, they will provide you with a potent dose of testosterone.

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